About Me

About me

Where should I start?

There were and are many twists and turns along the journey. Without one like these, would I be here doing what I do and being who I am? I doubt…

Tatiana Dimov is a medical graduate, whose path as a Medical Doctor was diverted in Canada and through various chain of events ended up on a different journey, working as a Psychotherapist. This is an aspect of healing reserved not only for psychological issues but any physical illness as well. All diseases are psychosomatic first, because of the strong mind-body connection.

Her intention is to bring awareness as best as she can to this aspect.

For the last five years her focus was primarily in the Mental Health field and the body-mind connections related to physical illness. She was awarded with a certification by University of Toronto, and the Center of Mindfulness Studies to be a MBCT facilitator.

The MBCT stands for “Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy”- form of psychotherapy.

She is a Registered member of internationally recognized MBCT access.

Currently in process of registration with CRPO-the licensing body of registered psychotherapist of Ontario, Canada.

“Let the Beauty that we love be what we do,

There are hundred ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”